Making the most of your tech/digital tools

Making the most of your tech/digital tools

As promised over the coming weeks we’ll be posting useful tips and advice to help you and your business during this challenging time.  First up, a look at making the most of your tech/digital tools.

Stay connected

It’s important that we all stay connected and engage with one another during ‘lock down’.  Here are our top recommendations for video conferencing: 

Social Media management

Keep communicating with your audience via social media.  Here is a round-up of our recommended tools to make things easier:

Scheduling tool

Image editing

Keep Organised

Most of us thrive on structure, it keeps us focused and helps us feel in control.

To-do Lists

We also recommend Evernote – a virtual notebook app like no other which is great for clipping things you find whilst searching on the web.

File management & transfer

To save clogging up your email and getting confused with attachments and document versions, store, share and access files with: 

 If you need to send large files we recommend Wetransfer


If you’re finding yourself needing to work with colleagues remotely for the first time, here is our recommendations for collaborative project management tools: 

In our next post we’ll recommend free/minimal cost marketing activities you should be carrying out.

Stay safe. Be kind. Keep smiling.

As your marketing partner & Shopify expert we are also here to support you and your business. If you do have any worries or concerns about your project with us, please get in touch.

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