NYP Courses - Case Study

The Background

NYP Bookstore are based in Singapore and are working on behalf of a large University to help supply students with their text books.

The Problem

They wanted to create a simple and easy way for students to order their books online and collect from a pickup point on campus. NYP conducted research into web designers local to them but weren’t happy with what they had to offer. They decided to look internationally and found us through the Shopify Experts portal, we then produced a proposal for them leading to us being commissioned to build them a custom Shopify site.

The Perfect Solution

Using Shopify we were able to produce a very simple, yet functional website for them to enable students to choose and add their course materials quickly and efficiently to their basket.

Our client said

Working with Blue Horizons for site development has to be ranked among the best I’ve had (and I’ve worked with many in my 20+ years in the field).

In particular, Marcus took time and effort to fully understand our requirements, offered cost effective solutions and most importantly delivered the project on time. He also understands that client sometimes (or often) change their minds and makes effort to meet these new requirements within the given timeline. (Our site had a fixed go-live date.)

I highly recommend them for your next site development / Shopify project (especially if you care about quality work and timely delivery). I’m already planning for more projects with them.

Since going live the website has had over 5,500 orders. It’s great to see a client launch a website and for it be an instant success! We wish them the best of luck going forward.

If you would like more information on how we can modernise your website with Shopify, then please give us a call on 01242 236600 or email us at

**website open for limited time, initial orders have been taken and site will remain closed until orders are being taken.

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