Social Media: Interaction & Engagement

Social Media: Interaction & Engagement

Social media is a trend which has gained a lot of momentum as something you ‘should be doing’ as a business owner in the last couple of years. For good reason too, social media is a great asset for any business to gain an audience, gaining more sales and solid consumer traction. However this is only possible when used in the most effective way for the business model/appearance.

For most social media experts/specialists, interaction and engagement is something very important for the success of any social media page. But why? What is the base line of social media? Well, social media is predominantly free, open to any user and with the potential user reach of millions of people which means the potential for millions of new customers!  Social Media allows you to post relevant content to your audience and interact with them. The key for generating relevant content is to not necessarily post content you like but content your audience will be interested in! For example if you make designer apparel, posting a video of fashion through the ages would get the attention of your audience and potentially further post shares also and in turn placing the spotlight onto your page.

Creating/finding relevant content can often be challenging and to a certain extent quality over quantity does come into play, however as well as providing relevant content, regular posting also helps to gain a social foothold – finding the happy medium is a great thing to be able to achieve.

A question which we hear a lot is why is the use of social media important to my business?” If you are a mail order company for example then utilising social media would be perfect to allow you to reach potential customers who don’t live within a local proximity of your business/area of operations and increase engagement.

Engagement is all about your interactions with your followers and visa versa, which can be measured through the use of certain KPI’s/Key performance indicators such as: likes, comments, retweets, downloads, shared and post clicks. Although the whole concept of social media use for businesses can be rather confusing for some, there are a simple things you can do to help increase the engagement of your followers. Ask questions! By asking the opinions of your following you are creating a topic of conversation, you can respond to their views, your followers can engage with each other which creates a mini community.

If you’d like any advice/help with the management of your social media accounts why not give us a call or email us on and we can create a bespoke plan to help boost your social presence.

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