The future marketing landscape

The future marketing landscape

According to the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), marketing for the coming year will focus on:

  1. Greater disruption and regulation in many sectors due to the likes of Brexit, GDPR and further developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  2. New strategies and technology investment to ensure brand promises are maintained
  3. A need to be transparent and authentic
  4. A drive to react quicker to engage customers
  5. Augmented reality to overtake virtual reality

Key points:

  • Millennials and Generation Z are not one-size-fits all demographics
  • Young consumers like technology, but only if it works for them
  • 'Human brands' that demonstrate authenticity are better liked
  • Good design is imperative, whatever the engagement platform used
  • Creativity still has an important place in a techled marketing world

(source: CIM, Catalyst, Oct 2018)

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