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We're having a face-lift

We're having a face-lift

Blue Horizons is now in its sixteenth year of trading! Our core values remain
the same however as we constantly strive to improve - adapting and catering
to our clients wants and needs - we now feel that our visual identity needs
a refresh - a renewed sense of energy to help push us forward and more
accurately reflect where the company is now.

What we do

• We listen
• We learn
• We evolve
• We identify and develop the right marketing solution for each individual client

What we stand for

Integrity – doing the right thing. Trustworthy and reliable. Always above board, never dishonest.
Professionalism – it isn’t about us, it’s about our clients. We treat our clients how we would wish to be treated - with courtesy, respect and friendliness. Everything that we do is considered and well-thought out - we are experienced and knowledgeable.
Quality - doing things right. Consistently.
Design - we create aesthetically pleasing, functional design that helps
define what is at the heart of your business - bringing your brand to life.
Affordability - we provide good value for money.

How we interact with clients

• Friendly and approachable but not over-familiar.
• Understanding, supportive and easy to work with.
• Reliable and honest. We do what we say we are going to do. We are realistic
when setting expectations and delivering them.
• To the point. Our clients are busy so we need to be succinct yet friendly in our tone.
• Accommodating but also challenging – if we don’t agree with a client we say so but always explain why. Ultimately the decision lies with the client but we wouldn't be doing our job if we did not provide our professional input/rationale.

What we want our clients to think about us

"Our Shopify & marketing partner who we trust and who works with us to deliver
fantastic websites and marketing collateral in line with our long term strategic goals."

So, watch this space! We shall reveal our new identity and refreshed website in the new year. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come...

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