Forest of Hope

Project brief

Forest of Hope was a brand new kids' brand that was introducing the next generation of chocolate surprise products to rival market leaders Kinder Surprise.

Forest of Hope is not only a tasty treat with fun activities, it enables children to open up and wonder about the rainforest, recycling and sustainable resourcing. The packaging is 100% recyclable and is all utilised with additional activities and facts on the reverse of the carton.

After working with the Kinnerton Group on GoodiBox, they selected us to work on their new chocolate egg range and required a Shopify store set up with creativity and room to grow.

Design & functionality

We designed the store around an existing theme, but carried out extensive, yet theme-friendly, customisations to ensure it worked effeciently, was developed on budget and met the required launch date in Co-op stores around the UK.

All pages were individually designed, using the illustrations from the branding and adapted to meet the required messages and customer journey. As well as learning more about the animals in the Forest of Hope, visitors can find out about the Fair Trade products, the farmers working to protect the Gola Rainforest, plus there are games and activities to be putilised on the site itself.

Feedback has been exceptional from all the different parties involved and sales direct through the site have been much better than anticipated.

"Marcus and his team executed a fantastic website for the launch of the Forest of Hope brand. The skill and creativity that the team put into the design was a great benefit to the brand. Marcus' approach is very hands on which fitted the requirements of work and timescales we had to launch. Very happy customer!"

Tara Stevens, Forest of Hope
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