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Before & after photos

At Blue Horizons, we're great advocates of before and after photos of dental work.  Done properly (ie without lip retractors; once gums have calmed down and are no longer swollen and/or bleeding; and in focus!) they can work extremely well.  They clearly show what can be done - here are some great examples from our clients Stradbrook Dental:

But here's a question - are before and after photos there to show what the treatment can achieve?  Or are they there to show what you, the dentist, can achieve?

As a marketing agency, we wouldn't dream of using someone else's work to show what can be done.  We want to show our own work off - we're proud of what we achieve, and want everyone to crave something similar for themselves.

Which is perhaps why I don't understand why dentists are happy to use stock before and after images.  Don't get me wrong - there is absolutely no criticism implied here, I am genuinely curious as to what you think.  So if you're feeling indulgent, please email me - hilary @  (you'll need to remove the spaces from this address) with your opinion.  I'll publish as many of the replies as possible (let me know if you wish to remain anonymous) - it could lead to an interesting debate!

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