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Print media - not ready to give up the ghost yet!

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Mark Twain

The same could be said of print media.  According to some industry experts, print media is on the way out.  It's apparently being pushed into it's grave by computers, the internet, electronic book readers such as Kindle, Apple's iPad, and so on.

We disagree.  Yes, there are definitely some sectors where print is struggling to fend off repeated body blows from modern technology.  Magazines, for example, are struggling because so much of the information in them can now be found online, and because many advertisers can no longer afford the high price of print media.

But in terms of marketing (not advertising, which is just a tiny part of marketing), print media is very much alive and kicking.  For one thing, many people still like the reassurance of seeing something in print.  It makes a company more "real", because you have something tangible in your hands.

Those looking for quality services or products will gain further reassurance by seeing a printed brochure.  No matter how good a website is, it can't give the same feel of class that a professional brochure with fantastic imagery, high quality paper and special finishes can give.

And let's face it, print is easier to read.  Not everyone wants to spend all day staring at a screen.  Constant screenwork can strain your eyes, produce headaches, and isn't very relaxing.  There is something that seems much more natural about holding a printed item - and you can do it without being bothered by screen reflections, and without having to boot up and/or log on.

And don't forget, not everyone has (or wants) internet access.  The National Office of Statistics says 70% of households had internet access last year.  But not everyone in those households will be using the internet.  And there are still almost a third without it - that's a lot of potential patients.

Don't get us wrong - the internet is HUGE and you absolutely, 100%, need a great website (with all the various SEO and data capture trimmings) to succeed these days.  Just don't get so blinded by the (screen) light that you forget about print, because it is still very definitely alive and kicking, and offering you loads of potential for promoting your dental practice.

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