How is Shopify helping you through COVID-19?

How is Shopify helping you through COVID-19?

COVID-19 is upending millions of lives around the world and Shopify are fully aware of this. Businesses everywhere, especially brick-and-mortar retailers, face unimaginable hardship as COVID-19 forces us to self-isolate for safety. No entrepreneur, small or large, could have predicted what we now confront but we’re hopeful that together we can get through this. This requires everyone to think smart, be supportive and have understanding.

There is no quick fix for a global problem at a time like this but there are some immediate things Shopify is launching to help make sure you and your business can perform to the best of their abilities throughout this global pandemic.

So what’s Shopify actual doing?

They are working with governments and partners to expand Shopify Capital into other countries and they are committing over 200 million dollars to help out merchants this year.

They are enabling gift card support for all plans and will make it really easy for local businesses to sell online gift cards to their communities.

Providing support at all hours. Connect with fellow business owners and get support from them on the Shopify COVID-19 community forum.

There will be more initiatives from Shopify in the coming weeks as the situation progresses so please click here for more information on the latest release.

As your marketing partner & Shopify expert we are also here to support you and your business. If you do have any worries or concerns about your project with us, please get in touch.

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