Why choose Shopify as your ecommerce platform

Why choose Shopify as your ecommerce platform

Why Shopify?

We'll explain what makes this outstanding website platform so easy to use, flexible, secure and future-proof and why we recommend this for all client ecommerce sites and beyond.

A hosted, super secure ecommerce platform

You don’t have to worry about sourcing someone to host your site with extra costs and extra hassle. Shopify has this all covered within your monthly pricing plan. All you need to do is purchase a domain name, link this up and pick your package. They'll even include your SSL certificate for free!

24/7 Shopify support including Live Chat

Got an emergency outside of office hours? The Shopify help centre is one of the best help centre’s an e-commerce platform can provide. With live 24/7 chat and lots of documentation that is detailed, easy to follow and includes business hints and tips along the way, this is one of our favourite things about the platform - we’ve never seen anything like it from a platform before.

App store with detailed and reviewed apps

If the theme you’re using doesn’t have everything you need, the app store surely will. With free and paid for apps both available, you have countless options at your fingertips. Choose to connect with third party software, add upsell and cross-sell apps, extend shipping function or enable your store to go from B2C to B2B with a click of a button - the list is endless!

Free & premium pre-built themes

These themes are built with mobile and tablet compatibility in mind, so you don’t have to worry about responsive design. With each theme providing a different selection of features the theme store has a great filter to ensure you’re picking a theme that has almost everything you need.

You can even trial themes with no extra cost meaning you can make an informed decision of how your business will look on a new template without having to buy it up-front. The theme store is updated regularly with new themes that have to pass rigorous testing before they make it to the store, so you can relax knowing the theme you’ve chosen is built with your customers in mind.

Integrated blog & social sales channels

No need to stream your blog from another platform as Shopify has It all built in. It’s easy to manage and creating multiple blogs is an option across all pricing plans. You can also integrate sales channels for free, including Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping to make selling on these platforms extra quick and easy.

Built in discounts, analytics and inventory management

Shopify enables you to run a fully functioning business with ease from the moment your store goes live. You can keep your stock up to date, provide your customers with automatic discount codes and see the products and pages that are converting, plus keep track of any campaigns created to see how your business is growing.

Why Shopify with Blue Horizons?

Additional help understanding the platform and what’s best for your business

You tell us your plan and we can help guide and advise you in picking the best theme and apps that will help your business flourish online. We will help you to make the most of the platform as well as how you can extend functionality without going crazy on the app store.

Additional help customising free and premium themes

The theme builder is simple to use, but when it comes to moving your logo a few pixels to the left or removing buttons and text and increasing font size, it can all start to get a bit overwhelming. With our expertise in Shopify's coding language, we can help turn these out of the box themes into something personal.

Office hours support

We provide 9-5.30 email and phone support, 5 days a week whilst working on your project. We’ll try our best to assist you with any questions or problems you’re having, or we’ll be happy to contact Shopify or a theme/app developer on your behalf. After this we offer monthly Shopify support, so we can continue to help you and your business.

App advice

With hundreds of apps across the app store it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing what works best, how it looks or what to select if a certain feature is missing from your store. We are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on the apps we’ve previously used and provide solutions for any hard to pin down problems you may have.

Shopify Training

We can offer full onsite or remote shopify training to you and your team members. We will walk you through the Shopify admin area as well as showing you how to make changes to your theme to keep it up to date and keep customers interested in your products, whilst answering any questions you might have.

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